Explosive New Evidence Could Lead to Gen. Flynn's Exoneration

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy suggests in a new National Review column and on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show that just-released documents confirm Gen. Michael Flynn was set up by corrupt FBI agents who were motivated by contempt for then President-elect Trump.

Flynn is said to have been warned that, if he refused to plead guilty, prosecutors would charge his son with a felony for failing to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent...[Flynn's attorney Sidney] Powell now contends that the new disclosures demonstrate that Mueller’s prosecutors — she specifically cites Brandon Van Grack, who now runs Justice’s FARA unit — did indeed promise Flynn that they would not charge his son if Flynn pled guilty. Worse, Powell avers that the prosecutors coerced Flynn and his counsel to keep this agreement secret...the Flynn case is so patently disturbing that, weeks back, Attorney General Bill Barr assigned a very well-regarded prosecutor, St. Louis’s U.S. attorney Jeff Jensen, to review it. The new disclosures are a result of Jensen’s investigation. The Justice Department’s disclosure to Ms. Powell indicates that more revelations are forthcoming.

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